Occupancy Development / Marketing & Sales

The seniors housing market in Canada continues to be very competitive, showing a 3.5% growth in suite capacity in 2012, with another 2.7% expected in 2013. Vacancy rates have remained somewhat flat at 10.6%, which is both good and bad news. We can see that the population is aging and while more seniors are choosing retirement living, achieving 100% occupancy continues to be a major challenge.

While certain aspects of today’s conditions are beyond our control, there are strategies that can significantly boost your ability to reach your desired occupancy.

Kingswood Consulting will analyze your current approach and will work with you to coach your staff in effective strategies to facilitate growth.

We Provide:

  • Marketing and Sales Audits
  • Mystery Shops / Competitive Reviews
  • Development of Sales and Marketing Plans including identification of Key Performance Indicators
  • Comprehensive on-site marketing mentoring and coaching
  • Sales Training
  • Lease-up support

Strategic Planning

The steps required for successful strategic planning are relatively straightforward and well documented.  They include affirmation/development of the mission statement and values, internal and external scans, completion of a SWOT analysis, identification of strategic themes and the development of strategic directions.  The challenge for many organizations lies in the plan’s successful implementation. 

In addition to facilitating the overall process, our focus throughout each step will be to assist you and your team in linking measurable actions to your strategic plan.   The result will guide aspects of your organization’s annual operation plans and result in the successful implementation of your strategic plan.

One of the outcomes of your strategic plan will be a clear understanding of what differentiates your services over that of your competitor. Understanding your customer and being able to share your strengths, quality outcomes and programs will provide you with a competitive advantage.

At Kingswood Consulting, we will assist you to establish a Quality Program and measures based on your unique services. Part of the program will include the development of quality audits that will allow you to measure continuous improvement over time as you meet your strategic planning goals. 

Staff Development /Training and Coaching

Whether you need help with, Leadership Development, Marketing Initiatives, Sales or Customer Service, we know what questions to ask and where to start to design and customize programs to fit your specific needs.  Our programs are interactive and focused on providing tools your employees will be able to use right away.

Well-trained staff can transform your business from ordinary to extraordinary. While the appropriate training will enrich your bench strength in a competitive market place, maintaining a competent in-house training and development team can be costly.

Kingswood Consulting will partner with you to create training programs specific to your requirements. This will incorporate a needs assessment, identification of your strengths and opportunities for performance improvement.

Options include one-to-one training, group sessions, as well as self-directed learning.

We recognize that coaching enhances training effectiveness. Articles from University of British Columbia identify that training improves performance by 28 percent, however training when followed by coaching, improves effectiveness by 88 percent. We offer both executive and sales coaching as part of our services.


Operations / Health Services Reviews

We help organizations align people and processes to successfully sustain performance improvement.

We provide a number of services, including:

  • Staffing reviews to align resources for the delivery of exceptional, profitable services
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Expense review with a focus on controlling costs and improving quality
  • The creation and monitoring of a business plan to meet organizational goals and objectives
  • Quality Reviews of Care and Services

By reviewing systems and processes, evaluating leadership, assessing the sales and marketing plan and analyzing available data, we are able to implement a long term plan quickly and efficiently.